Jun Gao

Tsinghua University

Jun Gao

Tsinghua University


I am from a HOT STOVE city in China, which may account for my passion for so many things!

I love movies and also entertaining programs.

I enjoy reading as well as exercising.

Above all, I am a big foodie jajaja~

I major in Global Environmental Program in School of Environment of Tsinghua University so that the first SDGs I learned about are global climate change, clean energy and partnerships.

With great interest in economics and a few thoughts inspired by several economic books, I am also concerned about poverty and health issues.

I do believe every link matters, from fact-investigation, strategy-design and policy-making to propaganda, education and measurement. I would love to learn anything that can promote SDGs.

Water Quality Monitoring in the Mekong Delta

As is the fact, drinking water quality in Ho Chi Minh City is degrading these years which severely threatens human health. However, people lack proper knowledge of its severeness and of how they can improve water quality. It is especially an urgent issue for the most vunerable, say, children, women and migrant workers.

Our idea is to develop a detector kit for fast water monitoring and an application for publicity and crowdsourcing.

This is highly related to SDG6, clean water and sanitation as well as good health and well-being. In consistency with UNICEF’s work, we pay due attention to migrant workers and school children which is also correlated to education.

Detector Kit

We try to make it easy to understand and use, that is, child-friendly. We are making exhaustive instructions.

With the concrete device and hands-on monitoring, they will be more concerned about water issues and their health.


People can upload what they see in form of pictures and values got from our hardware. All the information collected can make a real-time map of water quality. (It may not be precise enough for pollution management but vivid enough to raise awareness of both citizens and government).

It is a tool to collect evidence of environmentally detrimental construction and illegal emission.

Useful tips on quickly improving drinking water quality can also be shared on the platform.