#3 Good health and well-being

Gigabit Ethernet for Volunteer Computing

The objective of this project is to use volunteer computing for performing computation concerning model ling of the epidemiology.  This project is made in cooperation...
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Snakes Challenge

Yearly, over 400 000 people are attacked by snakes around the world. The main problem with tackling this situation is the difficulty to identify the...
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BubbleBox is a mobile and autonomous hygiene unit that provides access to showers and washing machines for migrants, refugees, and homeless people. Its design is...
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Allume Paris

Allume Paris is a game in which users scan street signs throughout the city. Scanning a sign unlocks augmented reality characters, whom the streets are...
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Around the world, 1 baby out of 10 is born preterm. Out of those 15 million premature babies born annually, about two third are born...
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Remnesia are smartglasses using a facial recognition software. The point is to change the sensorial channel by providing auditory information replacing visual information. The webcam...
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