Smart trash solutions for tht SDGs

Project Description

Globally, more than 3.5 million tons of trash is generated each day, which has significant environmental, social and economic consequences at both the local and global level. Though recycling programs offer opportunities to minimize the negative impacts of landfilling and extract value from discarded materials, they are often complex and global systems that involve numerous public and private organizations, and require individuals to participate and make informed decisions when discarding items. Proper recycling education, therefore, is an essential component for a successful recycling initiative. Two students from the SDG Summer School are actively working on the project, which are Carole Grange from the University of Geneva and Weiyi Qiu from Tsinghua University. Inspired by speakers from International Organizations they have come up with the initiative of “children for impact”, which empowers elementary school students in China to take care of the environment. The project will also actively seek cooperation with institutions and industries, including CUSP of NYU, elementary school faculties, environmental startups based in China, and the Beijing government, etc.

This project will address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by creating an educational platform to learn about global recycling infrastructure and the environmental, social and economic benefits of recycling.