2020 or BUST

Project Description

2020 or Bust aims to activate the people that are unintersted by climate change so we are able to curb our emitions by 2020, which is the make-it-or-break-it point. We joined them to develop an app that aims to gamify cutting carbon and we are working in collaboration with UNICEF in New York. To be suitable to communities around the world, the app will be community led. This means we are not creating a fix app, but more a default app that serves as a framework for each community to adapt it to their own lifestyle. This would generally be done by a community leader. For example, if a group of scout wants to challenge themselves to cut their carbon footprint then a community leader will be designated to make the default app suitable for his/her own community with appropriate actions and rewards. The app will allow the individual within the community and the community as a whole to measure their carbon footprint and to monitor how their actions and commitment impact on their footprint. This data will then be aggregated to see how all the users of 2020 or Bust app around the world are tackling climate change.